Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what option to choose?


We can help with that!

Start by scrolling down and reading through the hair loss services we offer.  During your consultation we will talk you through all your options to help you find a solution that work for you and your lifestyle. 

Will I need multiple visits to see results? 


It will really depend on what stage of hair loss you are in and the plan we customize

for you. Although there are some "one-time" solutions, most will see more benefit with multiple visits. This will be lined out for you during your initial consultation. Most guests look at their visits with us a way to unwind and recharge from the everyday. Some even sneak in a nap ;-)

How much will this cost?


This really depends on what option you choose. From topical to non-surgical, it can range from $50- $2000+, which we break down during your consultation. We are with you every step of the way, during this journey, and use the highest quality

hair and solutions.

How natural will this look?


The methods we specialize in offer a seamless transition and a very natural appearance and feel. Rest assured that only you, and whomever you share with, will know (and we won't tell)!

Looking Good

Should Start with the Top

We are proud to offer topical treatments, extensions, and non-surgical hair loss options to meet every budget and desired appearance.

Ready to book a consultation? 

 Have more questions?  Scroll down ..... we've got answers.

Scalp Detox &

Topical Solutions

  • Scalp detox removes build-up and optimizes hair follicles

  • Works in tandem with laser light therapy

  • Recommended monthly (especially with laser hair therapy)

  • Perfect for beginning to mid stages of hair loss

  • At home regimens available for continued success

    • strand builders and concealer spray​s

    • topical DHT blockers

    • shampoo and conditioner for body and volume 

*Available with Rene'

Laser Light Hair


  • FDA approved, non-invasive, treatment helps minimize hair loss

  • Low level lasers stimulate the scalp, improves blood flow, and supports regrowth

  • Works best in the beginning to mid stages of hair-loss 

  • Recommend 2-3 times a week (12 minutes each)

  • Notice results in 4-6 months (*results may vary)

  • $15 per visit/ multiple visit package available

*Available with Rene'

Micro Point 


  • Strand by strand application/immediate results

  • Perfect for top of the head where extensions can't go

  • Recommended for beginning to mid stages of hair loss

  • No glue, heat, or chemicals needed for attachment

  • Custom color-matched to your own hair

  • One time session or on-going treatments available

  • Approximately 2-3 hours depending on desired results

  • $300 - $3000+

*Available with Rene'

Micro Point 


  • Micro extensions available in 10" or 18" lengths 

  • Custom color-matched to your own hair

  • Perfect for very fine hair that is short, medium or long

  • Add density, volume, or fill in problem areas

  • One time session or on-going treatments available

  • Follow up maintenance recommend every 8-12 weeks

  • Approximately 1-3 hours depending on desired results

  • $500 - $1500+

*Available with Rene'


Integration System

  • Blends in with your natural hair for a seamless transition

  • Custom color-matched to your own hair

  • Perfect for early to mid/late stages of hair loss

  • Remy, human hair construction

  • Add density and volume immediately

  • Follow up maintenance recommend every 4-6 weeks

  • Approximately 1-4 hours depending on desired results

  • $800- $2000+ for initial investment

*Available with Rene'

Full Coverage


  • Full wig options available in many styles and lengths

  • Choose from human, synthetic or hybrid hair fibers

  • Perfect for mid to late stages of hair loss

  • Different bonding alternatives available for some styles

  • Immediate results and easy at home maintenance

  • $300- $2000+ investment

*Available with Rene' and Karen

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