Looking Good at the Top

Should Start From Within

Tricology (also know as the study of hair-loss) is not a "one size fits all" method. As a Hair Loss Practitioner, I use your body's clues to identify hair and scalp issues, as well as educate you on solutions for optimal hair-wellness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will this cost?
How do I know what option to choose?

We start with an in-depth consultation to learn more about you and what you are dealing with. This includes a thorough scalp evaluation to see what's happening on a deeper level. Then we work together, and discuss and personalized approach specific to your needs and lifestyle. 

This really depends on "what" you are interested in pursuing. From topical to non-surgical solutions, they can vary widely in price. During your Hair Loss Consultation I educate you on your options, so you can make informed decisions. and where price can tailored what you are interested in.

Will I need multiple visits to see results? 
How natural will this look?

Should you require something with coverage, the solutions we specialize in offer very natural results, in appearance and feel, with a seamless transition. Rest assured- only you, and whomever you share with, will know what we are doing (unless you care to help another hair-loss soul)!

Again, this is very personal to your customized plan. Although there are some "one-time" solutions, most will see more benefit with multiple visits. This will be lined out for you during your Hair Loss Consultation. Most guests look at their time with us a way to unwind and recharge from the everyday. Some even sneak in a nap ;-)

Scalp Detox &

Topical Solutions

  • Removes sebum and toxins to improve scalp and follicular health

  • Works wonderfully with low level laser therapy

  • Perfect for many aspects of hair loss

  • At home care available for optimal success

    • Strand builders and concealer spray​s

    • DHT blocking supplements and topicals

    • Scalp prep and hygiene support system

    • Customized shampoo and conditioner regimens

*Available with Rene'

Low Level

Laser Therapy

  • FDA approved treatment, proven to regrow hair

  • Stimulates, and improves blood, flow by 50% in just one session

  • Perfect for many aspects of hair loss

  • Recommended 2-3 times a week for optimal results

  • Noticeable results in 2-4 months (*results may vary)

  • $30 per visit (*packages available)

  • At home units available for purchase

*Available with Rene'

Micro Point 


  • Strand by strand application offer immediate results

  • Perfect for hairline, crown and temples

  • Goes where extensions can't go​

  • Premium synthetic fiber

  • Recommended for beginning to mid stages of hair loss

  • No glue, heat, or chemicals needed for attachment

  • Custom color-matched to your own hair

  • First install approximately 3 hours

  • Great for special occasions for some extra coverage

  • Starting at $500


*Available with Rene'

Micro Point 


  • Micro extensions available in 10" or 18" lengths 

  • Custom color-matched to your own hair

  • Perfect for very fine hair that is short, medium or long

  • Premium synthetic fibers

  • Can be used to thicken up length thru the bottom (*not suggested to add a ton of length)

  • Follow-up maintenance recommend every 6-10 weeks

  • Install approx. 1-3 hours depending on desired results

  • Great for special occasions

  • Starting at $500

*Available with Rene'


Integration System

  • Blends in with your natural hair for a seamless transition

  • Custom color-matched to your own hair

  • Perfect for early, mid, or late stages of hair loss

  • Adds density and volume immediately

  • Premium human hair construction

  • Follow up maintenance recommend every 4-8 weeks

  • Initial install approx. 3-4 hours

  • Starting at $1500

*Available with Rene'

Full Coverage


  • Full coverage options available

  • Many styles and lengths to choose from

  • Color matching to maintain a natural appearance

  • Choose from human, synthetic or hybrid hair fibers

  • Perfect for mid to late stages of hair loss

  • Different attachment alternatives available for some styles

  • Immediate results

  • Easy at home maintenance

  • Starting at $900

*Available with Rene' and Karen