Thinning hair can be embarrassing, confusing, sometimes paralyzing. The stress alone can lead to the loss of even more hair, and eventually your self-esteem.

It doesn't have to be that way! There are solutions and I am here to help you find options that work best for you. 

As a medically, certified, Trichologist (hair-loss specialist) I will guide you in finding answers. Using your body's clues, we can identify issues, educate you on optimal scalp/hair wellness, and look at ways to get you closer to your dream hair.

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Looking Good at the Top
Starts From Within

Private Hair-loss

To get to the root of any issue, an in-depth consultation is a MUST! This our first step in discussing your hopes, thoughts, and concerns; all in the comfort of a private room. We can discuss replacement options (wigs, toppers, bonding, and integrations), regrowth programs, and/or a hair and scalp analysis (with a microscope) to give me a better understanding of what your body is trying to tell us.

From there I can share my recommendations; based on your needs, comfort level, and lifestyle; and answer any questions to help ensure you feel confidant in making an educated decision for you and your hair!

* $100 consultation fee, which can be used towards any hair-loss solution suggested. About 1-2 hours in length.


*Available only with Rene'

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Low Level Light
Therapy (LLLT)

Low Level Light Therapy is an FDA approved solution and proven to be 95% effective in re-growing hair. You can improve blood flow (which stimulates hair growth) by 60% in just one 30 minute session under our red laser diodes! Imagine what regular use can do!!!

Consistency is key, so 2-3 times a week is recommended for optimal results. Unwind for a few minutes in my private room, or purchase one of several professional, "at-home" devices and start seeing results in approximately 3-6 months (results vary).


* $30 per individual session. Multi-visit packages available.

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Scalp Detox

Sometimes, a little TLC is needed to get things moving in the right direction. With a detox treatment, I'm able to gently remove toxins from your scalp and increase blood flow (which will sooth and revitalize your hair follicles).


This relaxing treatment includes a deep shampoo, stimulating scalp massage, heat therapy, and a LLLT session to promote hair growth and sooth your scalp. This is perfect for many aspects of hair-loss/ skin conditions and helps maintain a healthy scalp environment if done regularly. 

* $100 per service. Add a blow-dry afterwards for $35

*Available only with Rene'

Chevelure salon scalp detox

XTC Hair Growth

There is no "one-size" fits all when dealing with hair loss. So why not get something customized to your situation? This prescriptive line of products offers the highest quality ingredients and are proven to work.

With several shampoos, conditioners, supplements, and topical solutions to choose from (and available only through a certified Tricologist) I can offer a personalized system best suited to your needs. It's never too early to take care of yourself, pro-actively treat thinning hair, and support optimal scalp health.

* Prices vary by product


*Available only with Rene'

Growth Factor

These miraculous protein molecules have been used to treat wounds, diseases, even cancer. Produced by our own bodies, they've been proven to aid in the reversal of hair-loss and boost skin rejuvenation as well. With the use of advanced technology, they have formulated a serum so potent it is only available through approved clinics.


Applied with a derma roller, Factor G6 Hair Solution is a combination of 6 specific growth factors capable of jump starting cellular regeneration, stimulating blood circulation, and nourishing follicles. This ensures a stronger hair shaft and promotes more hair growth. An ideal addition to Low Level Light Therapy and XTC products.

* Price vary by treatment

*Available only with Rene'​

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With a virtually invisible micro-fine net, this system blends perfectly by incorporating your own hair as well. All pieces are hand crafted, with premium human hair (one strand at a time) to guarantee the best quality and fit for your individual needs.

For clients with thinning/ balding around the top or sides of the head. Once installed, you can wear it for 3-6 weeks before returning to the salon for maintenance.

* Initial investment- starting at $2500 (includes 2 systems). Maintenance visits $200.

*Available only with Rene'​

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Hair Replacement

A great option for anyone looking for an immediate solution to their hair-loss concerns. These human hair enhancements are attached with medical grade adhesive and/or tape; allowing you to live your life to the fullest without compromise.


Perfect for mid to late stages of hair-loss and offer a super natural hairline with premium human hair. Wear for 3-6 weeks before follow-up maintenance is needed. You will need 2-4 units a year (depending on options chosen).

* Initial investment- starting at $1500 (includes 2 stock systems). Maintenance visits $150

*Available only with Rene'

Couple at Home

Toppers and
Full Coverage 

Toppers are a clip in solution for the top of your head to add volume and/or coverage for beginning stages of hair-loss. Wigs offer full coverage and are great for a quick "style on the go" or long term wear. Both are low maintenance options.


Choose from human hair, synthetic, or a hybrid fiber option. Custom measurements are taken to find a solution that works best for your lifestyle and comfort level. 

* Synthetics range from $200 and up, Human hair ranges from $500 to $7000 (base on options chosen)

*Available only with Rene'

Hair Piece/ Topper/ Wig

Already have a hair piece that needs some loving? A refresh treatment, trim, and/or style can help bring life back into your alternative hair. Custom coloring can also be done (on human hair only) to enhance the current color or give a fresh new look.


Drop off service available (by appointment only) and can take up to 2 weeks for a turn around time. 

* Price vary by services needed and priced according to Rene's service menu (all to be discussed at drop off visit).

*Available only with Rene'​

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Several custom packages available, designed around your specific needs. Both "in-salon" and "at-home" options available, all of which include prescribed products needed, low level laser therapy, and continual check-ups for the duration of your program.


*Available in 3, 6, or 12 month options and range in price from $900 to $6000

** Growth therapy treatments can be added for an additional cost

*Available only with Rene'​

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