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April showers bring.....

Water, water, and YES, more water! And although that moisture can be great after a long, dry, winter season, for many, it's just the start of big hair due to humidity! That's right, if you have ANY curl in your hair, you may be fighting a never-ending battle. Follow these handy tips to help you "humidity-proof" your hair.

*The use of a smoothing shampoo and conditioner is the best prep you can do. This helps the cuticle lat flat and deflate volume from the start.

* The use of a microfiber towel is best for drying after the shower to get all moisture out.

*Applying an anti-frizz product, once out of the shower, will act as a lightweight sealant and assist in keeping strands smooth, even through the most humid of temperatures.

* A leave-in-conditioner can be your best friend at keeping humidity at bay, especially on fine hair.

*Au Natural is probably your best bet when it comes to styling for the day. Relaxed waves, a loose bun, or better yet, a braid can help fight the frizz before you even step out of the house.

*If you still plan on blowing out your hair, the use of a flat iron is a must as a finishing touch to your style. Follow up with a light mist of a humidity-resistant hairspray to seal the deal.

*When it comes to a universal, frizz fighter for all hair types, a Brazilian Blow- Out can be both a time AND life-saver. This professional hair service reduces about 90% of the frizz, cuts your drying time in half, and lasts approximately 60 shampoos (with the proper at home hair-care).

Remember, talking with us about your hair and what's best for it, will always help in any hair situation. We are always here to give suggestions, do hands on tutorials, and pamper your locks!

Our priority, for you, is the best in hair, health and happiness! xoxo ~ Rene'

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