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May Day or Mayday???

Here it is, May 1st, and we are all sheltered in place! WOW, who would have ever seen that coming? Definitely not me! This has been beyond surreal, and I'm still trying to wrap my brain around it all. Businesses forced closed, social gatherings prohibited, mask required for entrance into any public establishment. This pandemic has taken us all by surprise and stopped everything in its tracks. Not just in our town, but worldwide! And yet through the chaos, silver linings have emerged. For the first time since, well forever, I have been able to experience what its like to be a stay at home mom. I have focused on my health and well-being, while making my family a top priority. I have slowed down enough to smell the roses. Boy, what a feeling!

Don't get me wrong.....this roller-coaster has not been all sunshine and rainbows. Financially I'm freaked. We've put all our savings into building a beautiful location that has become Chevelure Salon. With the mandated shut-down, there is no $$$$ coming in (and you guessed it, with no funds it's kinda tricky to pay bills). The hope of assistance through unemployment, sba loans and/or grants, has long flown the coop as we watch big conglomerates get funding and us lil guys wait....and we wait....and we wait!

"Life is not fair, but those knocked down, will come back that much stronger".... We've all heard the quote, but when you are in the throws of chaos it can be hard to remain positive. It is a struggle, one I battle with daily, but there is no choice. I NEED to get back up, I NEED to keep trying, keep hoping, keep moving forward (where ever that path may take me)! Yes this is scary, but I have a roof over my head, food on my table, my health, and an amazing family. So many blessings and the perfect things to pull my priorities into focus. That's what truly matters!

My daughter will not remember that we ate pbj's, chicken nuggets and mac n cheese for a couple months. She will remember the science experiments we conducted while making meals together. She won't recall money being tight so no new toys for a while, but perhaps she will remember the fashion shows, barbie picnics, and crazy crafts! She probably will remember not going to school for a while, but I bet it will be overshadowed by the tickle time, bedtime books, and extra extra snuggles! That is what I will choose to remember! The break from the hustle and bustle so I could truly enjoy all the blessings God has given me!

Today is a sunny 70 degrees and we have been outside ALL day. It has been so therapeutic and a much needed break, after the torrential rain we had earlier in the week. The fresh smell of grass, birds chirping away and the sight of little sprouts emerging from the ground give a sense of growth and renewal. a constant reminder that from the ashes comes life. We are ALL in this storm together.......I can't fathom how long this will take to recover from. But make no mistake; We will recover, we will be stronger, and we will GROW!

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