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The Impossible Dream!

After reading an article about society and COVID (link below), I was filled with so much sadness and anger in how life as we know it has changed. More importantly, in how people around us have reacted and lost all sense of compassion. In a world filled with chaos, It was comforting to see a place where people have common sense and actually care about each other! There is no perfect answer to this, but for the love of GOD, when will people wake up and stop being selfish. It isn't about THEM, it isn't about ME, it's about everyone and the common good. Your rights aren't being taken away from your because I require you to have shoes, shirt, and pants on in my salon?? Why the hell should a mask be any different? People are losing jobs, houses, everything.... all for what? Because some selfish bastards can't be bothered with safety? Then add our politicians. No matter which side of the fence you are on, you can't tell me they have been working TOGETHER on anything! The only common thread is that neither party agrees with the other. How sad 😔. Government officials, men and women we have elected, can't seem to get their shit together. Why are they making money if they cannot do their job. Any one of us would have been fired by now....... But instead they sit high and comfy (in forever terms), while we little people toil and suffer. Wtf? One job, and I know it isn't easy, but come on now! If my kids EVER acted like some of these people do, there would have been an ass-whooping. What do they know about suffering, and if they came from that background, what are they doing to make an HONEST difference. All we ask is that they cut the bullshit and come to terms with policies that will help our country. Oh yeah, and they TOO PRACTICE what they preach! I'm so tired of covid, I'm tired of politics, I'm just plain tired! And yet everyone one of those things is what will make me stronger in the end. Me and my bad-ass self..... So what am I doing? Wearing my mask (I work in it and it sucks), sticking up for what I believe in (harder when you know others may not agree), teaching my children to be kind, respectful and love EVERYONE, and trying to find the balance between enough and enough! I can only control my own backyard and what I do in it, but hopefully others will try a little harder to do the same. And maybe, just maybe, if we worked together... made tough choices (not because we were told to but because we care-that's what we're SUPPOSED to do)... we too could stop this nasty & $#@ing virus in its tracks! This wasn't the first pandemic and it definitely won't be the last. We need to be smart now, take precautions now, fix things now, so next time is even better. What you going to do better; what can we ALL do better? This wave is our second chance, let's not waste it!

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