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Rene's  Secret  Menu ;-)

Didn't get a chance to fill out your "Appointment Customization Form"?  

No worries, I've got you covered! 

Below you will find a wide array of treats, perks and add-ons to elevate your experience.  Just browse through the lists and let me know what options you're interested in adding to your visit today!

Complimentary Perks***

~ Aromatherapy w/ essential oils

Choose from- Relax (lavender), Invigorate (eucalyptus), Tranquil (citrus, mint, lavender, sage), Refresh (peppermint), Immunity (clove, lemon, rosemary, eucalyptus, cinnamon), Revive (citrus, eucalyptus, lemongrass, cedarwood), Dream (citrus, lavender, frankincense, ylang ylang, sweet marjoram)

~ Warm neck/shoulder wrap.

Cold neck wrap

(great for hot flashes)

Cooling, hydro-gel, under-eye patches

(reduces puffiness)

~ Heating pads

(on back of styling chair and/or shampoo chair)

~ Foot massage

(using electric shiatsu foot massager)

~ Soothing, weighted, eye pillow during shampoo.

~ Jade, anti-aging, eye-mask during shampoo

(cool for headaches-migraines/ warm for sinus-congestion)

~ Relaxing hand massage during shampoo

(with or without heated mitts)

***choose as many as you would like ;-)


Spoil yourself w/ Something Extra

$10-  Double round of shampoo, scalp massage, and condition (the best part!)  
$10-  Eco-friendly, non-paraffin hand treatment (hydrates and soothes your skin. Choose from Breathe (eucalyptus), Be Well (green tea and aloe), and Purity (unscented) 
$20- Clarifying Treatment (removes build-up on your hair to add body and shine)  
$20- Moisturizing Treatment (adds shine, body, and bounce to dry hair)

$20- Repair Treatment (rebuilds and strengths your hair)  

$20- Youth-Lock Treatment (revives your hair with a shot of collagen)  


$30- Scalp Treatment (invigorates your senses while improving your scalp health)  
$30- GROH Treatment
(miracle-grow for your follicles to improve hair growth)  
$30- Low Light Laser Therapy
(improve circulation, blood flow, and help hair growth)  
$40- Glossing Treatment (shine, color enhance, or tone your hair)  

Something to Quench your Thirst?

~ Ice water
~ Coffee

(variety of sweeteners and creamers to choose from)
~ Hot Tea

(variety of flavors to choose from)
~ Soda

(coke, diet coke, sprite)
~ Sparkling Ice Drink

(black cherry, coconut pineapple)
~ Spirits and Cocktails - 21+ only

( Choose from- Crisp White Wine, Malbec Red Wine, Miller Genuine Draft
Margarita (regular, ruby red, or peach),  Vodka (use with ice drinks or soda), or
Rum (use with ice drinks or soda)


How about Something to Snack on?


~ Grab-n-Go Snacks

(sweet (mnms), spice (wasabi bar mix), everything nice (trail mix))
~ Sandwich Crackers

(cream cheese w/ chive, whole grain w/ cheese, cheese w/ peanut butter)
 ~ Granola Bars

(oat's n honey, sweet n salty almond)

~ Skinny-Pop Popcorn
~ Milano Dark Chocolate Cookies
~ Braided Butter Pretzels
~ Sargento Balanced Break Snacks

(white cheddar cheese w/ sea-salted roasted almonds, and dried cranberries, or pepper jack cheese w/ honey roasted peanuts, and raisins)
~ Mini Meat & Cheese Plate

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