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chevelure salon hair loss

Looking Good at the Top,
Starts From Within

Thinning hair and scalp issues can be confusing and often paralyzing. The stress alone can lead to worsening conditions, more loss, and eventually your self-esteem!
But it doesn't have to 
be that way!

As a certified Trichologist/ Hair-loss Specialist, I identify issues, educate you on optimal scalp/hair wellness, and offer preventative and/or replacement options best suited to your needs, lifestyle, and comfort level. 

My goal? To change lives, one strand at a time!

Most services only available with Rene'.  Scroll down to learn more.....


An in-depth consultation is a MUST, to get to the root of any issue!  Join me in our private room, to finally find helpful solutions these sensitive issues. Choose from one of 3 consultations below.

*Trichology Consult - 

Goes over genetics, medical history, and a scalp-scope analysis to identify hair-loss causes and scalp issues. From there I offer solutions best suited to your needs. Perfect if you are dealing with early to mid stages of hair-loss, have scalp issues, and/or are looking for preventative care. 1 to 1.5 hours - $150     *Follow-up analysis $75

*Hair Replacement Consult - 

If you are looking for more coverage solutions, this option is for you. We will discuss toppers, integration systems, and bondable hair pieces to find a solution best suited to your lifestyle and comfort level. Perfect for mid to advanced stages of hair-loss. ** Includes $100 credit towards any hair system, if purchased within 4 weeks of your consult.  1 to 1.5 hours - $150

*Extended Consult - 

Confused by it all and not sure what you need? Here we will explore all your options (both in trichology and hair replacement), to find a path that works best for your situation. Perfect for all levels of hair-loss and scalp conditions.  ** Includes $100 credit towards any hair system, if purchased within 4 weeks of your consult.  2 hours - $200

chevelure salon hair loss consultation


chevelure salon trichology

As a holistic approach to your scalp and hair problems, these multi-therapeutic solutions are a great first step in protecting and reviving what hair you already have, as well as supporting optimal scalp health. 

*Low-level Laser Hair Therapy- FDA approved to reduce hair-loss, stimulate healthy hair growth, and rejuvenate your scalp.

*Scalp Facials- proven to remove toxins, improve blood circulation, enhance scalp health, and jump start hair growth with each relaxing treatment.

*Topical Solutions- growth factors, minoxidil, and natural remedies are different strength options that resemble "miracle growth" for your hair.


*Prescriptive Products- a personalized shampoos, conditioners, and supplements to pro-actively treat thinning hair and scalp conditions. 


Beautiful hair creations, designed to fit your needs and your lifestyle. Choose from daily or extended wear, to help you find your confidence again.

*Topper- top of head coverage that is attached with clips, so you can wear once in a while or everyday. Perfect for early-mid stages of hair-loss, or that extra touch of volume.

*Integration System- a virtually invisible net that blends perfectly with your look, by incorporating your own hair into the system. Bonded to your bio-hair so you can go about your day without worry. Great for early-mid stages of hair-loss


*Full Bonded Replacement- allowing for more coverage, these hair pieces are attached with medical grade adhesive and/or tape; allowing you to live your life to the fullest. Swim, shower, drive with the convertible top down, all without compromise. Excellent option for mid-extreme stages of hair-loss. 

chevelure salon hair replacement
chevelure salon hair loss- wig cleaninggs toppers

Hair Piece

Do you currently have hair pieces that need extra attention? Cut or style just not working right for you? What about a color refresh to add shine back? Look no further! Let me give them the TLC they deserve, with one of the following service-

*Re-Conditioning Treatment- add moisture, shine, and bounce, back into lifeless hair (human hair only).


*Haircut- shape your alternative hair, for a more natural and flattering look. (in-person appointment needed)

*Wash & Style- deep cleansing bath, and styling, to perk up limp hair.


*Custom Coloring- enhance the current color or give a fresh new look (on human hair only).


Drop off service (by appointment only) and turn around time can take 2-3 weeks.

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