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To create something exceptional,
your mindset must be relentlessly focused on
the smallest detail.

~ Giorgio Armani ~

Let's Begin...

For starters, I'm super excited you're here and can't wait to meet you in person! I know change can be scary so let me help put your mind and soul at ease. Take a minute to browse my new guest options below; each one is tailored for a specific service(s) and includes extra time to discuss your dream hair. I'll share my salon policies so you know how I operate and what to expect from me.  Next you'll go to my convenient on-line booking system, to find a time that works best for you. Once I receive your request, I'll double check the date, time, and services you've chosen and reply with a confirmation for your appointment!

On the day of your appointment...

Our hidden gem is nestled back off the main road. You can find a video to help guide you on our Facebook page here. Plan to arrive a couple minutes early so you can come in, wash your hands, and get cozy! We'll start with a full consultation and chat about your hair history, long term goals and any concerns you may have. Make sure to bring pictures too. This will help me better understand what you are looking to accomplish. 

During your appointment...

Once you're settled in, feel free to hop on our Wi-Fi, cozy up in silence, or engage in good conversation, with a beverage and/or snack of choice. During your visit, you can relax knowing that you and your hair are my top priority as I keep a close eye on you throughout the whole process. After a relaxing shampoo, I'll finish up your look with a custom cut and style, offer suggestions to help you maintain your look at home. When we are finished I'll snap a few photos for my portfolio as you check-out your new hair. We'll wrap up by going over at-home care suggestions and setting you up for your next appointment (the best way to ensure your preferred timing).

After your visit...

Your custom formula, as well as your history and any suggestions made during your consultation, is recorded so it's all ready and waiting for each visit. If you love social media, post a "new-do" selfie- tagging us at #cheveluresalon! If you are IN LOVE- please honor me with a review! If we're your new hair home- please tell your friends! Most importantly, I am always available, should you need a tweak or you have ANY questions!

Plants and Pottery

New Guest

Booking Options


Let the fun begin...

Seeing a new stylist isn't always easy so I took away the usual stress

and confusion through my unique new guest

booking experience.**

** Online booking only offered with Rene' at this time **

*1*   New Guest - Color and Cut...

Just need your roots touched up, a fresh cut or trim, and a blowout?  Let's keep it simple.  We will start your visit with a thorough consultation and color matching/shifting formulation process; then a fresh color application, followed by a trim and blow-dry style. $165 and up. Choose "New Guest Color and Cut" when you book.

*2*   New Guest - Highlight and Cut...

Do you usually just get highlights throughout the top of your hair?  Nothing at the back, a few bigger pieces in the front and some balanced blonde throughout the top of your head? Sweet! You just need a partial foil. We will start your visit with a thorough consultation and color matching/shifting formulation process; then a fresh color application, trim and blow-dry style. $180 and up. Choose "New Guest Highlight and Cut" when you book.

*3*   New Guest - Cut and Blow-dry...

Want to skip the color and just get a fresh cut?  We will start your visit with a thorough consultation, followed by a trim and blow-dry style. $95 and up. Choose "New Guest Cut and Blow-dry" when you book.

*4*   New Guest - Hair Loss Consultation...

Not sure who to ask about hair loss? Don't let fear of the unknown stop you from getting the hair of your dreams. Relax in our private suite while we discuss your concerns, look at what you are hoping to achieve, and get a look at all the options we offer to help boost your confidence and your hair. Pictures will be taken to get a base of where you are at, and a full scalp scope will help us take a deeper look at what's going on. $100 cost. Choose "New Guest Hair Loss Consultation" when you book.

don't See What You are Looking For?


Looking to make a major change? Needing a service that isn't listed here? Have very long hair (or been told its super thick)? I've got you covered! Send me a message here and I will help get you set up.