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Rene's  Services


Trichology consult - $150

Goes over genetics, medical history, and a scalp-scope analysis to identify hair-loss causes and scalp issues. From there I offer solutions best suited to your needs. Perfect if you are dealing with early to mid stages of hair-loss, have scalp issues, and/or are looking for preventative care. to 1.5 hours

*Follow-up analysis $75

Hair replacement consult - $150

If you are looking for more coverage solutions, this option is for you. We will discuss toppers, integration systems, and bondable hair pieces to find a solution best suited to your lifestyle and comfort level. Perfect for mid to advanced stages of hair-loss. ** Includes $100 credit towards any hair system, if purchased within 4 weeks of your consult.  1 to 1.5 hours

Extended consult - $200

Confused by it all and not sure what you need? Here we will explore all your options (both in trichology and hair replacement), to find a path that works best for your situation. Perfect for all levels of hair-loss and scalp conditions.

** Includes $100 credit towards any hair system, if purchased within 4 weeks of your consult.  2 hours

chevelure salon rene hair loss


Low level laser therapy - $30*

24 minute session to stimulate blood flow, improve cellular regeneration, and improve hair growth.  

*At home devices also available

HL Check-up/ Scalp analysis - $75 

This is a follow-up to your consult with me. Here we check for new growth, scalp health, and to see how you're progressing. This helps me determine if anything needs to be changed, added, or any additional recommendations. 

*This is a follow-up visit. Must have completed a consult with me first.


Hair Replacement

Hair integration install - $175+

removal of hair piece, healing scalp cleanse, and re-installation with use of keratin bonding

*Requires two hairpieces (swapped at each visit)

Hair replacement bonding - $200+

removal of hair piece, healing scalp cleanse, and re-installation with use of tape and/or medical grade adhesive

*Requires two hairpieces (swapped at each visit)

Alternative hair maintenance - **TBD

  • Color/ Gloss/ Toner - $77+ (human hair only)

  • Highlight/Dimensional - $135+ (human hair only)

  • Body wave - $130+ (human hair only)

  • Haircut - $102 (in-person only) 

  • Wash & Style - $68

  • Conditioning refresh - $25

**By appointment only, so we can discuss what you need

Chevelure salon hair replacement libertyville

 Haircuts  & Styling

Haircut - $68 

Custom haircut with relaxing, steam shampoo and condition


Quick blow-dry - $50

Blow-out to fully dry your hair (NO curl iron/ flat iron used)

Blow-dry/style - $68

Full blow-out, styled with hot tools for a perfect finish

Deep conditioning treatments - $20

Hot towel treatment to target your specific needs (chose from intense moisture, deep repair, or youth reviving)

chevelure salon rene haircuts

Color  & Dimension

Root color touch up - $77+

Grown out roots only/ no pull thru to ends

Glaze/refresh treatment - $77+

Add shine and refresh vibrancy to your current color

**$54+ if added to another color service

Mini foil - $73+

1 color/ mini section on top of head/ approx. 10 foils

Partial foil - $107+

1color/ front hairline, top of head past crown, sides of head

Full foil - $135+

1 color/ entire head

+Extra cost for extra color needed. super thick hair. and/or extra shades requested

**Includes a relaxing, steam shampoo and condition

chevelure salon rene color
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