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 Haircuts  & 

Haircut only - $60 

Chin length to mid-back length haircut

Haircut & blow-dry - $95 

Chin/mid back length cut with a blow-dry style

Shampoo & blow-dry - $50 

Shampoo and blow-dry style

**Includes a relaxing cleanse and condition

chevelure salon rene haircuts

Color  & Dimension

Root color touch up - $70+

Grown out roots/ no pull thru to ends

Mini foil - $60+

1 color/ mini section on top of head/ approx. 10 foils

Partial foil - $85+

1color/ front hairline, top of head past crown, plus sides

Full foil - $110+

1 color/ entire head

+Extra cost for more color mixed. super thick hair. and extra shades requested

**Includes a relaxing cleanse and condition

chevelure salon rene color

Extra Treatments

Scalp detox -$100

Remove toxins and increase blood flow, to improve the scalp condition and promote hair growth. Includes a low level laser therapy session.

Specialty hair masks - $20

Hot towel hair treatment to target your specific needs (chose from clarifying, moisturizing, deep repair, or hair growth)

Laser scalp massage - $30

Relaxing scalp massage with red laser treatment to improve scalp condition and hair growth.

chevelure salon rene treatments

Hair Loss Solutions

Low level laser therapy - $30*

20 minute scalp treatment to stimulate blood flow, improve cellular regeneration, and improve hair growth.  *Laser packages available

Need more help with your hair-loss concerns?  As a certified Trichologist, and hair-loss specialist, I can take a deeper look and offer customized suggestions. Let's set up a consultation so we can walk this journey together!

chevelure salon rene hair loss