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Olaplex- why I won't work without it!

Car insurance is a must, health insurance is a no brainer, so why would the health of your hair be any different? Enter for your hair! I'm so confident in the abilities of Olaplex that I include it in EVERY chemical service I do. But let me break it down for you......

Hair consists of keratin proteins, of which "disulphide sulphur bonds" are a part of. During any chemical service these bonds are broken to allow for hair to be manipulated towards a certain outcome. Example: blonde highlights lighten the hair, perms add curl and texture and straightening does exactly that....straighten. Most often you would have to wait weeks for those bonds to repair, or in some cases, a major haircut would be the only way to get rid of damage.

Now, with the help of Olaplex, you don't have to wait. Added to a color mixture, perm, etc. Olaplex is capable of repairing bonds AS they are being broken. This allows us professionals more flexibility in the services we offer, while helping prevent damage as it occurs. As a 3 step process, Olaplex is able to rebuild bonds during and after a chemical service, and as an added bonus, you can continue this rebuild at home.

You see, thermal tools, wind and sun can also cause damage, although on a much smaller scale. So even if you don't color you hair, Olaplex is a win in any situation. And it doesn't stop there. The addition of their newly launched shampoo, conditioner and smoothing treatment adds an additional layer of protection, leaving all hair types more manageable, shiny and healthier after each use.

This is not to say we can bleach your hair up really light from black and not expect damage to your tresses. Common sense must still be used no matte what, but Olaplex offers a way to tackle any service with extra insurance for your hair. So next time you're in my chair, know that I have you and your hairs best interest in mind. For me,that little bit of insurance can go a very long way, and you wont find me working without it! My goal??? Hair, health and happiness! xoxo ~ Rene'

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