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Titanium, Ceramic and Tourmaline...oh my!

I get asked all the time, the difference between all the hot tools, and what they are made of. All these options, each one trying to out best the other. But what exactly IS the difference and what is best for you? Lets break it down-

Ceramic is a hard, brittle, clay-type material that is very heat resistant. For this reason it is perfect for preventing over-heating. In the case of a blow-dryer, ceramic generates ions, that when heated, quickens the hair drying process and reduces exposure to hot air. With flat irons, the negatively charged atoms, helps neutralize the hair shaft leaving it smooth and shiny. In some cases ceramic will be glazed over (hence called porcelain), which add more glide to the hair when straightening it. Ceramic irons and dryers are best suited for thin, fine, fragile hair, due to their ablilty to limit heat exposure and lock in moisture.

Titanium is an very lightweight, but an extremely strong metal. Because of its chemical make-up, it heats up incredibly quickly and holds intense heat with little protection. For a flat iron, this makes it perfect for professional use, especially Keratin treatments. As a blow-dryer, titanium is great at maintaining steady heat allowing for a faster drying time. As such, titanium tools are best suited for people with very thick hair.

Last, but certainly not least, there is Tourmaline. An ornamental gemstone that offers benefits when crushed into a fine powder. Just like ceramic, tourmaline releases negative ions, but when heated offers natural conditioning properties as well. With a flat iron this means that tourmaline is able to seal the cuticle offering a frizz-free look. When it comes to a tourmaline blow-dryer, it also cuts the dry time almost 40%, giving a smoother end result. This being said, it makes tourmaline a perfect fit for all hair types. The only drawback with these tools???? They can be more pricey due to being newer technology.

So depending on the desired end result, and your hair type, you can use this guide to find the perfect fit. Keep in mind, that all hot tools should be used with common sense and heat protectants. Excessive use will damage even the strongest hair type, leaving it dry and brittle. And any heat protecting styling aid will always added an additional barrier, keeping your locks happy and healthy. In the end, that's all we really want.... an amazing head of hair, that looks carefree and healthy, with the right tools to get you there! Here's to hair, health and happiness !

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