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What's in a name?

Those that are close to me, know me for my eclectic nature and quick wit! So it should come as no surprise that there is a method to my madness with all things I do, especially in naming my salon. Although, that posed way more difficult than I thought (right up there, if not worse, than coming up with a name for my children LOL). I can honestly say I went through more paper, eraser shavings and brain-power than I ever expected. Thankfully, between some endless searching and the help of my trusty advisers (who shall remain anonymous, as I'm not ready to share them yet), I was able to hone in on my "Why" leading me straight to Chevelure Salon.

So what exactly is a Chevelure and what does it mean? Well I'm glad that you asked! Pronounced "shev--e-lure", this term encompasses all that I am passionate about...."a head of hair". Being in the business of hair, what could be more perfect? I am also furthering my education in hair loss, in an effort to provide guests with a sense of normalcy, of which Chevelure's second meaning describes the addition of hair in these sensitive cases. And last but not least, "chevelure" also represents the hazy luminescence surrounding celestial bodies (comets, stars, etc). An intriguing connection to my middle name Celeste.

So what's in a word you ask? Everything! A beautiful depiction of a career I love, my passion for helping people feel better about themselves (no matter what), and a celestial sense of wonder when all the stars align, sending you signs for the perfect name of a salon. Welcome to Chevelure Salon! Here's to hair, health and happiness! ~ xoxo ~ Rene'

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